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Why don't you summarize your project directly here instead of requiring us to click around and download files. Most of the regulars aren't willing to go to that kind of effort to help unless they've already invested some time in your education.


Yes, I can help you. However, I'm not sure I will.

First, I'm not sure I believe that you're as new to C++ as you claim. One of your problems is a classic first or second program with linked lists (the Josephus problem), but learning linked lists when you're "new" to the language is silly, so you would have to be well into a course on C++. The other problem is dreadfully complicated for a beginner, and I wouldn't expect to even see it in a beginner's course on C++.

Finally, you haven't shown any proof of effort or asked a specific question, so I can only conclude that you expect us to write all of the code and give it to you so that you can turn it in for a grade.


Im with u ... NARUE ...

although i m practicing C++ for 6+ months but consider as a biggnner ....

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