Given the example of a car that has a color, weight, and can go forward, stop, reverse all at a speed that can be set as well as displayed. Give the names of what the instance variables would be and the methods with what return types and parameters. Also explain how you could have the car always start out as a red car weighing 2500 lbs and having a speed of 0 until the user chooses to specify otherwise. You do not have to write code that runs. You may use a UML class diagram or just write a description in any form that answers this question.

-- i dont have the slighest clue..

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he probably spends all his time in class browsing pr0n sites and listening to pirated music.

one.. I'm a girl && two I don't even know what those are. I actually haven't gone to class because I was in the hospital, so I hope you guys feel great about yourselves.


just fine, thanks for asking :)

But you should have gotten the idea by now that we're NOT your homework service.
Ask your teacher for help, ask your classmates, do your own research, do NOT expect us to do it for you.

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