I have my two classes built, one actually uses the other as a data member. Now I need to call that object to fill an array and don't know the syntax to do it.

The two classes are in this thread

The function prototype looks like this

void statistics (int rollarray[], int rollarraysize, int rollresults[]);

I'm trying to call the threedice object to fill the rollarray, and then I was going to use a switch statement to "sort" that data into the rollresults array.

Okay, over an hour and 39 views without a reply, is it that uninteresting or am I really being that much of a doofus?

here is what I have written so far but I don't know what goes in the for loop, and I don't know if I've declared the object correctly

void statistics (int rolls[];int rollsize; int rollresults [])
threedice tryerluk;

for (int i=0;i<201;i++)

This gives me a heap of missing type specifier and syntax errors back in the threedice class data members (from class onedie) It says missing type specifier-int assumed C++ does not support default int. What am I missing?