I've just got a project to do. The project is going to be a desktop application.
It has to be in VB - but I have yet to decide whether to do it with VB6 or
As I read on some of the threads in, I guess it would be worthwhile to do it in instead.
I have used VB6, would not say I'm good.

I did a search on Google to search for some good tutorials around.
I've got this:
and some others. I hope some of you would shed some light for me to follow. Which tutorial is good? :-|

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Thanks, slade.
But, mind telling me why did you recommend me to start on that?
Actually, I have done some reading on that site some months ago when I was attached to a project using VB6.

i have heard there isnt very many good tuts online for as of yet. so if you wanted to learn your best bet is to buy a book. i will get the links to the ones ppl have recommended to me to use.

Professional Vb.NET
another book

i have heard that is a good thing to move to but i guess untill you have the .net framework stuff down you wont get the full power of it. but im not sure as i have jst started looking at myself :)

books are the way to go.... Vb .net isn't too hard to move to from vb6 I found, but you say you haven't had much experience there. Just do what I did, just go out on a limb, don't expect to learn it all in one day, that just isn't going to happen. I work with programmers that will never go back from .net, and neither will I.

Anyways, it all depends on what you wanna use it for. Oh and the "sams teach yourself" are good books to learn from :).


Thanks for the information, guys.
Yeah, there aren't many good tutorials for around.
But I'll be on the lookout for that in the mean time.
I'll be on the lookout for a book too some time soon.
Err, what slade has said is true, I think I better brush up on my skills in VB6 first.
Btw, do I post questions here when I encounter problems in VB on this same thread that I have started? Or start a new one?

P.s. Just don't feel like crowding the forum with more and more threads. :D

Sigh sigh. Assume I've never asked that last question.
LOL. Staring at my own post after posting the last one only did I realised that this thread belongs to LOL.

lol, its cool. I do that alot.

If you know VB 6 pretty well, then making the switch to VB.NET isn't really hard at all. Especially if you've ever tinkered with C/C++ or Visual C++ (especially VC++). Just keep a few things in mind. Everything in VB.NET is an object, even your string and integer variables. Also, nothing has a "Caption" property. The collection class is used profusely throughout VB.NET to support controls, like the TreeView, that have multiple items. And finally, don't get frustrated when you can't find a property that you were used to. Most of the time, it's still there, just under a different name.

Good luck! Once you get the hang of VB.NET, you'll trash VB6 (ok well, maybe you'll keep it around like i do just for having to fire up quick, easy things).

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