I am now using Visual C++.net 2002 edition.
My main ongoing project, an application that teaches the game of bridge, is now 350 K +
llines of code, 95 % of which is application logic. The 5% dealing with GUI is just SDK for
I am just a retired hobby programmer so I can't justify some expensive professional package.
If you have a recommendation what version of Vista do I need since I have to get a new computer soon as well.
Thanks for any thoughts you can give me.

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VC++ 2008 Express is free for the downloading from M$. It doesn't support MFC, otherwise its nearly identical to the other paid versions. You can also download free Visual Studio C# and VB compilers.


Visual Studio just came out with their 2008 editions. The Express editions are still free and I imagine have improved over 2002, especially since you say you are going with Vista. Dev C++ is always free. Code Blocks is free. And NetBeans has a C++ option that allows you to use it with C++. I think you have to install Cygwin and use its C++ files/compiler, but I'm not positive.

I imagine your project is graphical since it is a Bridge Tutorial. The Visual Studio Express package has some limitations. I'm not sure what they are in Visual Studio Express 2008. I remember trying to create a GUI using Visual Studio Express 2005 and having a hard time doing it because it didn't have all the options that Visual Studio Pro had.


The express editions of VC++ don't have a resource editor or compiler either but you can get free ones from google links. Dev-C++ doesn't have one either, I don't know about the other compilers Vernan mentioned.

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