Hello,every one!

I want to get the specification of DataMatrix Barcode,can you help me?

Thanks for any help!

David Xu

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You want to read a databatrix barcode using VB?

Thanks for you reply.
I want to program for it(i.e.make program to output DataMatrix Barcode Label).
Can you help me?
Any help will be useful!


There are some nice products at SNIP if you just want to use VB or C to print barcodes.

I came accros your post looking for a spec for DataMatrix myself. I am wanting to scan 2d barcodes with a CCD camera and interpret the embedded text. Did you have any luck in actually finding a specification for DataMatrix??



If you guys are still looking for the Data Matrix ECC200 specification, you can purchase it from ISO SNIP for about $150 (USD). I had to purchase it for my project SNIP, which encodes and decodes Data Matrix barcodes under Linux. Even though the spec is only 95 pages, I can verify for you that it is well worth it. It is available as either paper hardcopy or PDF download.

sory, can you help me sir!! i want the specification of barcode datamatrix ecc200 for my paper..thank u

sory, can you help me sir!! i want the specification of barcode datamatrix ecc200 for my paper..thank u

If you want to avoid purchasing the actual ISO spec then I'd recommend checking out this guy's site: http://grandzebu.net/index.php?page=/informatique/codbar-en/datamatrix.htm

It is pretty thorough, and very close to the spirit of the official spec. If that doesn't work then there are also other Data Matrix resources listed at http://www.libdmtx.org/resources.php that you can try, but the one I listed should be your best bet.

sory sir, Does u know how/where I can get the ISO/IEC 16022 for cheap? I
am a student and there is no way I can afford the prices I have seen
around the net.
i'm looking in http://grandzebu.net/ and i get little understand about it, but i dont understand in high level process
i'm understand with error corection proccess and low level encoder, can u help me sir??

best regards for help

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