Assembly is one of the least langauges that I havent done, Have heard about it and its complications, but I neva get to know what do u use it for or in which areas does the language alone excel for example C++ is more suitable for games.... know what I mean? so what I wana know when and where do u really have to use Assembly

First of all, and this is my personal opinion, is assembly much more logical. When fussing around with pointers in C++ I always mess around after a while and don't have a clou which variable stands for. In assembly the compiler (or in this case the assembler) doesn't bother which type of variable you use. It just distinguish between an immediate and a memory-data. Mixing around is not a problem at all.

So for me it is at first for education. Learning how computer logic really is. Not having one of these highly developed compilers that do most of the work for me.

Today assembler is still used in the industry. Think about washing-maschines or car-electronic. I can imagnine that most of that stuff is done in micro-C but there are still certain areas that a written completely in assembly.

I'm studying engeneering and have contact to many big companies here in Europe (Airbus, Audi, Mercedes, Alstrom, Bombardier, etc). All these companies are still looking for talented assembyl-programmers for their products.

Thanx a lot, thats really helpful