I have a dijkstra algorithm running and i would like to see it (next to the picture for which it is calculating). It would be cool if it can be done step by step: for the first step the block containing the used commands should have the color red; next step the second paragraph becomes red, etc.
can anyone help me?

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i`m sorry that i wasn`t exact. So, i have a program that runs dijkstra on a network topology and highlights` the shortest path between a start point and an end point. I have seen in some programs that you can view the code that is executing in that exact moentan. Next to the network topology that is being analized by dijkstra, there is the code for dijkstra and every step in building the shortest path is highlisted in the algorithm and the design


Look if you want to show the path for each iteration like from which node to which node you will use GDI+ for showing the movement, if you like to show which code executing there is no why to show which block of code executing, you need to do it yourself, i.e some text(code) and before calling the method show its code in plain text (handy-written)

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