This is the error message i get when i try and use the foor loop,

cannot find symbol - variable split result

for(int i=0;i<=216;i=i+3){
      MyPanel.txtbyellowentry.setText(splitresult[i+2]) ;
        MyPanel.txtbgreenentry.setText(splitresult[i+2]) ;

What i am doing is, in my other class(matchlist) i am using a stringbuilder to send a group of matches to a text area (in the mypanel class where my foorlopp is located), then, in the same class i am using the splitreult method with the ("\ \ s") which looks for the blank spaces and breaks the one string in to an array of many. The idea is then by using the


i set the first two names to apprpriate text boxes. My problem arises hwoever when i try to increment the names on the push of a button so the two orignal names are replaced by another, i realise its because they are in different classes, whats the easiest way to solve this?

im sorry if this is vague, i tried to explain the best i can, if anyone wants to help and needs more information please say and ill provide it

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yeh i no this, i just dont no how to fix it, is there anychane you could point me to a resource online so i can adopt and modify it, or could you give me another example so i can use it for resources, as this is what i am struggling with


maybe learn to write correct English and people will be able to help you, kid.
As it is your ramblings are utterly incomprehensible.

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