Hello ,

I am new to .net(C#) programing.

I need some help in my coding , from experts.

I have the following Xml file,

Ex :

<propertybag name="test" type="a" flags="0">
<property name="help" type="String" flags="0" />
<property name="path" type="String" flags="0">/abc</property>

<property name="icon" type="String" flags="0" />

Here i want to parse the Xml file till property name = "path" and wants to fetch the "abc" value from that element and same for bellow line.

Please help me out of this, i got stucked here....

i can tell that what method i used..

Expecting your precious reply !!!

Thanks in advance,


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Read in System.XML.XMLReader and System.XML.XMLDocument classes

Ya , i have used those classes, but iam unable to fetch the perticular value by checking some conditions.......

iam able to read all the elements and values but i need to look for name = "path" and wants to fetch "/abc" value for that...

Please suggest me for this....

Thanks alot,
Anjali ....

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