Hi all,

I am new to OOP. I am using classes to create a phone book in C++. I don't know how to program, when the user enters the information and click save to generate a file. Also, how do I make GUI using C++.
Can any one help me out?


Check out www.cplusplus.com. It's filled with information about file IO, strings, user input, and lots more. You might not want to make a GUI if you are very new to C++ and OOP.

try a hello world program.

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once you get started with your phone book, I'd suggest these two classes

class personalNumber{
personalNumber(string, number);
string getName(void);
int getPhoneNumber(void);


string name;
int number;



class businessNumber{

object orientation means separating things into discrete, identifiable units... it's kind of like building robots

... you start with a bolt and plates to build an arm, you take two arms and some plates and build a torso...

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