is there a package for c++ that will allow me to make a matlab/gnuplot style plot from within c++? I would like to skip the step of writing data to a file and then using something else to read in the data and then plot it. Let me know what you do when you have this situation.



that looks perfect! i'll try it out tomorrow

i wish God help you

is there a windows version of koolplot?

is there a windows version of koolplot?

koolplot work in windows !!!

I get this error:
Cannot open include file: 'graphics.h': No such file or directory

in the web page you will find steps to run this libarary so you will include some libararies as it explained in the web page
to be able to use koolplot !!!

oh, so mingw is like cygwin? I don't need to just run it in windows under "linux", i need to run koolplot with VS2008. Is this not possible? (Please dont just say "look at the webpage" because I am unable to find anything about this there!)