I get an error message that reads:

"Your web Browser does not support Java Applets or Java is not enabled in web browser Preferences." It is there a way to correct this problem? I am new to Java. Please give me a detailed explanation if possible.

I am running "Windows XP"

I am using AOL.com, but I have the same trouble with Internet Explorer.

THANK YOU for your help.

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There is probable more than one way to fix this error. I will atleast tell you the way I know how to get a java applet running in a web browser.

If you have sun's jdk installed, in your control panel you will have a Java Plug-in icon. Open it. Under the browser tab, select Netscape and IE (if that's what you want). Restart your web browser and it should work. If you dont have the jdk installed, go to java.sun.com to get it.


go to http://www.java.com to download and install the browser plugin if you don't need the entire JDK.
Saves download time and is easier to install (fully automated in fact).

This was a great tip. It fixed my problem. Thank You so much

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