Dear c++ guru,

I am using cygwin to create a c++ environment for my Lego RCX.
I have create a program file in c++ format.

when compile with cygwin,
it shows:

file.ds1: line to short on line 324

can anyone help explain to me what is it?

I am stucked.


best regards,

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Well clearly the flux capacitor is overloading the compiler, accelerating your CPU to 88 miles per hour and sending part of your line to 1955. Give it about two hours for the line to find its way back and you'll find that most of the bugs in your program are gone. Of course, there are still a few more that will require further time travel to correct.

p.s. When asking a question about errors in your code, it's generally a good idea to include the code.


I didn't answer your question. It was a humorous attempt to tell you to post your code, because just the error is useless information without the code that caused it.


Hihi, i have found the answer myself.

Apparently it is due to the filename i have enter.
It is too long.

The problem fixed when i shorten my filename.

Sorry, i think i oversee the rule of the c++. :)

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