Is it possible to have a perl script and a bash script in one file? Like:

print "This is perl";
#exit perl

echo "This is bash"
exit 0

This is probably just a complicated solution to a simple problem. I have a perl script, and at the end of it, I want to make a couple calls that I normal write in the shell.

I tried this but it does not work:

$command = "ps";
system $command;

Any help is appreciated greatly.
- Dano

I found a solution to my own problem now. =P

This works:

use Shell;
$command = echo("parameters", "go", "here");
print $command; #performs echo

I'm not sure if this is a wise way to do this, but it should work:

open (PS, 'ps |') or die "$!";
print <PS>;
close PS;

this does not work because the system() function does not return the output of the process:

$command = "ps";
system $command;

You use backtiks `` or qx// to capture process output:

$output = qx/ps/;
print $output;

But on further review of interprocess communications, perldocs recommends using this safe construct:

open PS, "-|", "ps" or die $!;
print <PS>;
close PS;

or stick with the Shell module

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