Hi all,
In C, is it possible to write a program that will read the data from database(like oracle) and inserting the data to database and some doing manipulations on the data. If yes,pls provide me information to write the program and some sample code.I am posting the same question to so many forums ,till now i didnot get direct answer.any one please help.


step (1): connect to database

step (2): query database, according to your database API

step (3): read results returned from query

step (4): close database connection.

i don't know much about Oracle, but the MySQL API is here : http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.0/en/c.html

for MySQL, you will include the <mysql.h> and link to the libraries and use compiler-specific flags provided by the vendor (Sun). Oracle I'm sure is similar.