ResourceManager(void (*CreateResourceFunction) (Type** resource, char* name, char* path) = NULL)
		m_list = new LinkedList<Type>;
		CreateResource = CreateResourceFunction;

hey - this is code for a contructer for a class (taking the code from a book I bought). What exactly is the parameter of the function? Is the parameter like a refrence to another function? CreateResource is defined as:

void (*CreateResource)(Type** resource, char* name, char* path);

as a private member.

>>Is the parameter like a refrence to another function
Yes -- it is a pointer to another function. The function can be either a normal global function or a static method of a class and must take parameters as prototyped in that line.


void foo(Type** resource, char*name, char*path)
   // do something

     ResourceManager( foo );


So, say I wanted someone to provide a function that performs a mathematical function on two integers that returns an integer, I would define the "variable" to hold the function as

int (*MathematicalFunction) (int num1, int num2);

Then I could make a function called add:

int Add(int addEnd1, int addEnd2)
return addEnd1 + addEnd2;

then you do

MathematicalFunction = Add;

and so


would return 11?

but, if I had defined Subtract:

int Subtract(int myNum1, int myNum2)
return myNum1 - myNum2;

and set that as Mathematicl function - then


would return -1?

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