am creating a calculator using net beans IDE so yeah i made 0 - 9 buttons.. although seems like i dont want to create an event handler on each number cause it's like a waste of time.. is it possible that the zero to nine button can only trigger one event?

if it is possible, can you show me how?? annndd also I would like to know which number triggered the button

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Yes, just create an inner class that implements ActionListener. Then in the actionPerformed( ActionEvent e ) method you can call e.getSource() to find the button that was pressed and act accordingly. Then just add a single instance of your inner class to each button.

Hope this helps :)


inner classes are nice because they can implicitly access the fields of the enclosing instance, so if your buttons were pointed to by a field, then you can use an inner class to access them


they're also a problem in that they prevent decoupling of responsibilities.

When they are short they're fine, but go to top level classes when they get longer than a few lines.

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