Hi guys

This is not my homework it is a private project Iam working on .... and Ive searched google for an answer...I also found a similar thread on this site but the code would not work.

Can someone tell me please how to create a full screen form in C++Builder...Ive got SDK installed if that helps.....

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I believe...


I believe...

Thanks for your help I got it configured..... you need API functions to get it done.... wsMaximized covers all the available workspace...that does not include the taskbar thus the taskbar has to be hidden first and then the Form can be maximized....

Oh, I see. You were looking for a maximized screen like a video game would be maximized. I understood it like you wanted a standard windows form maximized.

Here is what Ive done in case someone searched for it .....

Form1->FormStyle = fsStayOnTop;
 Form1->Width = Screen->Width;
 Form1->Height = Screen->Height;
 Form1->BorderStyle = bsNone;
 Form1->Top = 0;
 Form1->Left = 0;
//and to hide the taskbar "FindWindow gets the handle of the taskbar"
 ShowWindow(FindWindow("Shell_TrayWnd", NULL), SW_HIDE); 

//to show the taskbar again
 ShowWindow(FindWindow("Shell_TrayWnd", NULL), SW_SHOW);
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