Hey everyone, I am currently making a Media player project and so far it is going really well. It is pretty much a combination of WMP, Itunes and Winamp and everything is working so far apart from one thing I want to include in the program.

I tried looking for solutions but got no where. I basically currently got 2 forms. One form is the main player and one is a playlist form.

What I want is when I click a lock button on the playlist it will snap the two forms together. Aswell as this I want it so it stays locked even when I move the player form around. I have the moving code working.

Because I can't really explain it I drew a (really) rough diagram of what I want to achieve:

does anyone have a idea how I can achieve this?


'In the forms event (Me.Move) of Form1
If Locked = True Then 'Locked as Boolean (Global)
Form2.Left = Me.Left + Me.Width
Form2.Top = Me.Top
End If

Thanks a lot, It works perfectly.

I just had to include:
Me.Left = Player.Left + Player.Width
Me.Top = Player.Top
into the button click also so it locked the forms when the button was pushed not just when the form was moved.

Thanks again :)