The question means this: One bank is providing mobile services via GSM modem only for online banking registered customers.Here the customer can register for mobile services provided by Bank through his online bankig account.When he registered for these services successfully (i.e. he successfully enterd all the fields of the reg form correctly),his details will be added into Bank database.At that moment he should receive message from the bank indicating that he successfuly registered.Here the online banking application was created in JSP and message sending and receiving application (Bank's app)was in Java.How to do this?Plz, help me..Don't say that we can write trigger in the way that whenever the table is updated we can send message..,how to send that message at that moment(within few minutes).Can we invoke that msg sending function when the table is updated?What technology will be used here..Ex:wen we registered in we llget password msg within few minutes.hw it ll be done

hello friends plz help me ,once go through this question and anybody if know ans help me

there are many ways to do something like that.
The Java application (most likely a servlet or EJB) can send the email and automatically handle the response.
The database can do so as well.
Or there can be a human being typing it all in.

And no, noone is going to write it for you. At least not unless you're going to pay a lot of money for it.