Hello Everyone,

I am not that expert in coding, just coding on a level that helps me to implement some wireless modules /packets/ links/ etc....

I was wondering if we could implement AI search algorithms using C code, as an example, in this image:


It is the Bidirectional search algorithm, I have searched to find if anyone has done it before but unfortunately I didn't find any.

My question is, if I decided to use C to implement the above template, how long (approximately) would it take to write it in C Or C++. Again I am not expert, but what I am thinking is that here are many experts who could figure out things like this.


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If you understand the logic behind the Search-Algorithm, C++ (or even C) could certainly be used to implement it.
Without knowing exactly how much you know about programming it is impossible to know how much time it would take you.

I used the 'google-search' and found this zip file you might find interresting: click


Thank You for the link, it contains good functions and classes to be used.

For the experience part, I can write any program, but I can't assume how long and what classes, functions, data structures it needs to complete before even starting. I believe some could easily figure out such things by looking at some algorithm for example, or by looking at some flow-chart.

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