I'm a high-school freshman that wont be taking a programming class until next year. I am proficient at Python, and they decided to put me in AB Programming, which is Java.
When I first started programming on a z80 TI-83+ with BASIC, I set out to make my life easier with small, functional programs. So, being a Linux buff on top of knowing z80 BASIC, I came across Python which is now my favorite language.

I can't find practical uses for Java, like I can for Python. I know the language should seem as an extension of the idea, but it's hard for me to implement Java.
Take for example, a very simple script to update software on a Debian system would be;

import os
    sudo = True
except IOError:
    sudo = False
if sudo == True: os.system("sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade")
else: os.system("apt-get update && apt-get upgrade")

I dont have a clue as to how you could do any of this in Java (well, control structures are obvious, but still.)

I'm trying to find a Java tutorial that will make me familiar with commonly used packages and teach me step by step how to do things, but I can't really find a good one.
Is there a Java equivalent of the Python Global Module Index?
And which IDE is better for newbies, Eclipse or NetBeans?

See the resources outlined in the Read Me post at the top of this forum. There is a lot of info there to get you started.