Well I have a question which could stem some confusion. I'm using C++ to develop some software which i will release as freeware on my website. I'm not new to database programming, however i have only ever worked with xbase and dbase... I would like to start making software with access database in borland c++ programatically.

My goal is to have the access database store errors, that occur, which is a nobrainer in xbase, but i have no clue where to even start with access. Could anyone help me by giving information, or useful links to information for: opening access databases, retrieving tables and records, adding/rmoving/editing tables and records, using C++ code and not C++ IDE Components.

thankyou for any help you can give.

Lance Wassing

You will want to learn ODBC and SQL languages. ODBC is an old way to access modern databases, while SQL is the language used by most databases such as Access. But don't use Access in a web environment because its only good for a couple people at a time. Its not a very good multi-user database. You will want to use MySql or sometime similar.

If you grep for "ODBC c++ classes" you will find several, some free and others not free.

Its a Freeware Client Manager... kinda of state of the art, versions 4.5, and 4.6 will be freeware releases until i fix the bugs, however i have not found many

much appreciated