My Dear Friends, i have created a database and connect it with the C#, now i want to view the Print Preview the reports from the Database and show the preview in the C#, (when i click the perticular button)

Now please help me to print and view the print preview in the C# of MS Access...

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You haven't really said what you wanted as far the report format. Typically you need to buy a 3rd party reporting component, design the report, and feed it data. From that you can design your reports.

Check out: http://www.devexpress.com for a win forms reporting component, XtraReports

Dear Sknake,
Thanx for your Reply...!!!

My friend i am developing a Payroll System in C#, i have completed almost all the parts of the system.

now i want to display the reports and print them, reports such as the Employee Details, the payment history, etc.

so, i want to display the print preview to the user so he/she can view or print it.

so please, help me out... please send me some code tutorial or any usefull link to do it in C#. (i'm using C# Express Edition 2008)

Thanx i have Solved the Problem... now my Crystal Reports are working Great.... :)

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