Hey guys i'm taking a c++ class and I know this is easy material but im not sure if a function call can have like m+n or FMAX and stuff. Any help with this would be great thanks.

Determine which of the following function calls are invalid and explain why. Indicate if implicit type coercion takes place and any type casting required; specify the result of the conversions.

a. Test(z, y, m);
b. Test(x, y, 8.5);
c. Test(m, y, n);
d. Test(25.5, 15, x);
e. Test(x, y, m + n);
f. Test(a, b, x);
g. Test(y, x, 10);
h. Test(y + z, y - z, m);
i. Test(FMAX, FMAX, 10);
j.Test(z, y, x);
k.Test(x, y, m, 10);
lTest(x, y, IMAX);

They all look valid function calls to me. But can't be sure because we don't have the function prototype for Test().