Hi all, new here so have 1 question...

Am wondering this forum has a section for Windows Programming discussions

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IF you're programming in C++, post your questions in the C++ forum. I'll ask a mod to move this thread.

[edit] What AD said...


post questions in the language of your choice, such as C, C++, C#, VB, etc.

Am learning to develop in C using a tool called Quest.. Quest its more for Computer Based Training Programs. I can't find anyone on the NET using it...

I have considerably a number of links to Win 32 API help/tutorials but can't find anything on Quest tool. Problem is am struggling to draw even a simple line on Quest frame (quest has its own window/frame) using the functions MoveToEx() and LineTo()... Nothing shows on the frame, not unless i draw lines on a Bitmap using its Device Context (hMemDC)... So far this is the only way i have manage to draw something which shows on the frame...

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