I have a program that provides different responses each time it is ran. I created it via an empty project and the output is simple cout statements to the DOS window. Is there a way to convert a C++ program I created into an Windows application that displays output and has a retry button?

I'm not looking for someone to do my homework. I want to know where I go to find out how to covert the working code I already have.

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

tutorial here

This is complicated programming and you need to have a good understanding of C or C++ programming. Not a task for beginners.

Beginners is a relative term. I'm a former Cobol'er from decades ago trying to learn new skills. Thanks for the link.

Good luck with that tutorial :) Glad to have you here at DaniWeb. I took a COBOL class once in college -- hated it.

I learned windows programming off that tutorial, its very good :)