I have a project that I can build with a script. I'd like to add version number + release number to my builds. I'm looking for a way to do it automatically. As a result I'd like to get something like that: \deployment\v1.2.3\some.exe When I run exe I'd like it to know that its version is 1.2.3.

1.2 is the actual version that I can setup manually, but .3 I'd like to change every time I run the deployment script, and it should reset when the version changes. I can write a perl script that reads a file and applies proper changes. But maybe there is a standard way to do these things and I'm not aware of it.


Hey There,

If you use cvs, it will update the minor revision by default every time you check the code out and check it back in.


mkdir -p /var/tmp/build
cd /var/tmp/build
cvs update -q <--- if you have this directory already and just want to update
cvs ci/update/add

Of course, you'd have to login, etc, first.

If you're using this already it's a good "incidental" feature and you could still force your version tags if you wanted to.

Here's a fairly decent link to tagging with cvs (The main cvs page can be found on Sourceforge.net)


Hope that helps :)

, Mike

Thanks, eggi.
I'm actually using subversion. And I know that it does have similar option. It looks like I have to use build number, because I can have multiple builds of the code before I commit.


Thanks Mike, it was useful!