Hi I have been programming for about 3 weeks now and am really starting to get somewhere with it, but I have encountered a problem with this text rpg that I am making, the problem is I have made 3 header files being 1.character(contains character class)
2. monster(another class file for setting stats for monsters) and 3. combat (this is a file that has the combat program in it) and of course my main.cpp.
now the problem I have is that I have set the character variable in the main file (e.g character me;) this lets you give the character a name to the class, but to include character and monster in the combat file I have to set them again at the beginning of it (forcing you to rename your character! grrr), is there any way that I can still include the information in character without having to make a new one??? Ill include all parts as a text file, as itd take alot of room to type it all out. P.S the combat function is no where near being finished as Id like to get this sorted first also Ive tried to use referance but I dont know wether it worked.

Any help appreciated :icon_cool:

PSS youll have to right click save target as to get the files for some reason, sorry about that

sorry guys solved this one myself :) for those that are interested, I moved the naming line into the main cpp andd declared it as a variable there so getting rid of the problem