Just some challenge code for ya, and some help for me on my independent study of C++

code a program that checks whether a string is a pseudo-palindrome.(a sentance that is spelled the same backwards/forwards.
first code the following functions:

char * remove_punct(char * str, char * remstr);
char * lowercase(char * str, char * lowstr);
char * reverse (char *str, char * revstr);

then test it on “Madam, I’m Adam.”

How do I have the user input a string to this bad boy...

Write a program that produces all circular anagrams of an input string of length at most 30 characters. For example, if the user inputs the string
the program will print all possible circular anagrams as follows:

this challenging code your homework by any chance?

^ I think so. Most people on this forum would not find this problem challenging.


for testing I would suggest "Able was I ere I saw Elba", a perfect palindrome, once given by Napoleon I when he was embarking on his 100-day journey to that isle.

krs, cliff

yeah, because as we all know, Napoleon loved to make puns in English.


and hey challenging dude. apologies that we're not all just peeing our pants with delight over the prospect of taking your "challenge"

now here's a challenge for YOU. Locate the "search" button on this site. your challenging homework has only been discussed about 100 times


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You know whats funny, I have posted a few times here for homework help here on the forums and have had nothing but great help. I think the problem people run unto is when they try to trick you guys.

here is a hint for all the people out there trying to get help with homework.

1. Explain the problem in detal
2. Be upfront "I have an assignment and here is the problem"
3. Post the code that you are working on
4. Do NOT reply to bump your thread every hour. If there is someone that can help and wants to they will. Bump after a day or so if you need to.
5. Keep working on it.

Also read this link supplied at the top of the page

As I understand it there are a lot of good programmers here and they are willing to help, just be respectful!
"Here is a programming challange" titles are not going to get you anywhere.

Thank you everyone here. You are all very helpful keep up the great work!


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That is day one palindrome homework in a C course.