Hi all

Ive writing a simple j2me program to read from a file. Im running the midlet on a pda but im having trouble accessing the file. Im using J9 JVM on a Dell Axim, ive also installed the JSR-75 (which is need to access files), however im still having trouble access a file.
The midlet is in an untrusted security domain, so i think this is the problem. So do i need to sign my .jar file? If i do, how do i do that?

Im really stuck, so id really appreciate your help.

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Ive sorted out signing my .jar file however when i run it on a pda i get the following error

Cannot parse scheme: /My Documents/message.txt

Just wondering if anyones ever come across this before, cause i havent a clue what it means.
Thanks again


Ive finally solved my problem, so in case anyone else comes accross this error while access a file on a pda, one of the reason could be because the JSR-75 isnt installed properly on your JVM.

Make sure the \lib\jclMidp20\ext\fc.jar ,from the JSR75 goes into this folder on you mobile device: YourJ9Folder\lib\jclMidp20\ext\ - you may have to create a ext folder!

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