i'm having a problem with my assignment.
here is question!!!!!!!!!!!!

The company ABC is developing different puzzles for their customers, and need to make the puzzles as complex as possible, but for a start it wants to test their smaller type of application.

You are required to develop an application to place given words from a text file in a given random puzzle, which is stretching over a 10 x 10 matrix.

As the program starts the matrix will be populated with random capital characters first.

When the user clicks on the [Load/Start] button, all the words from the text file named “Keywords.txt” will be placed into a list box on the left of the form, then the same words will be randomly placed inside the 10x10 matrix overwriting some previously placed characters. The placed words may run in any four directions (left to right, top to bottom, right to left and bottom to top). The words may not overlap, but they may run along side.

nb :sorry i can't able to wiev the picture

Figure 1: Random loaded words on random puzzle (example reads from right to left)

If all words are in place on the matrix, the user of the program will get the opportunity to find the words again, through clicking on the first character of each word. If the user “hits” a correct word, the word’s letters will turn red. See figure 2.

Figure 2: Found words are marked red through clicking on the first character

After 60 seconds the count down stops and comments the user appropriately. Optional bonus marks may be earned, through marking all words red after the count down stops, to show the user where they were hidden.

the problem i'm having is that i cant be able to randomly place the words i've read on the string grid.i caznt be able to initialise and random the charecters.

draw it out on paper first