I am designing an application that can display and changes values of database.
I can display values from database to textbox. During runtime when User makes changes in a textbox, my program cannot detect the changes and retains original values only.
Could you please help me on this. :) ?
Following is my code:
If svchng.CheckState = CheckState.Checked Then
reply = MessageBox.Show("Make Changes to database", "Display Message", _
MessageBoxButtons.YesNo, MessageBoxIcon.Question, MessageBoxDefaultButton.Button1)
If reply = DialogResult.Yes Then
ds.Tables("Runsheet Info").Rows(locatechng).Item(3) = Devlist.Text
ds.Tables("Runsheet Info").Rows(locatechng).Item(4) = Datenum.Text
ds.Tables("Runsheet Info").Rows(locatechng).Item(5) = SORECNUM.Text
ds.Tables("Runsheet Info").Rows(locatechng).Item(6) = LIRECNUM.Text
ds.Tables("Runsheet Info").Rows(locatechng).Item(7) = Qtynum.Text
ds.Tables("Runsheet Info").Rows(locatechng).Item(8) = jdnnum.Text
ds.Tables("Runsheet Info").Rows(locatechng).Item(9) = pgmnum.Text
ds.Tables("Runsheet Info").Rows(locatechng).Item(10) = devtypenum.Text
svchng.Visible = False
End If
End If

hi there...can you tell me how to display the value form database to text box..im having problem figuring it out...if possible hope u can give me the code...