Does anybody ever succeed writing USB device from DOS ?

Thx for a reply

Personally, I haven't. But I am interested in writing USB-programmes as well. A very good place to start is It is the official website for the USB-interface and provides many useful information and documentation.

If you have you first successful code, please let me know.

Regards Simon

What kind of device do you have?
Mass storage, CDC, HID or something else...

I was just working with my normal computer and tryin to access my keyboard. Unfortunately I don't have time to realize that project even though it still interests me.

When using one of these small ATMEL-processors, then you can find a lib for it. Maybe you can sort some information out of it. (

I worked with Microchip USB controllers and from my own experience better to write your own code then use their libraries. More reliable, less memory consumption (at least concerning USB), because their libraries AS IS. But time consuming that’s right.