Enter initial capital: 2000
Enter percentage: 6.6
Enter number of years: 4
After Year 1 you’ll have 2132.0 dollars
After Year 2 you’ll have 2272.71 dollars
After Year 3 you’ll have 2422.71 dollars
After Year 4 you’ll have 2582.61 dollars
In 4 years, a total interest of 582.61 dollars is paid

above should be the output

initial_capital = float(raw_input("Enter initial capital: "))
percentage = float(raw_input("Enter percentage: "))
year = float(raw_input("Enter number of years: "))
c = initial_capital
r = percentage
r = r/100.00
year = 0
i = c*r
for i in range(year+1,):
print "After year",year,"you'll have",c,"dollars"
print "In",year,"years, a total interest of",i,"dollars is paid"

above is my input, result is only showed year 1, rest of years is not showing up
can anyone help me plz thank you.

Please use [code=python] tag to enclose your code, so we can see the indent.

If you set year=0 and then use range(year+1), you only go once through your loop.