Hi All,

In my network setup all our UNIX/Linux Servers are standalone.So when a user joins i have to create a user account in all the servers.

I will be using the same user acc to create the user account across servers

So if you can guys provide me a script it will be great.

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Hey There,

If the account can login directly to all your boxes, all you need to do is create one script to add a user, or users, and then setup ssh-keys (or whatnot) and run script in a loop through all the hosts.

Worst case, if you can't setup key-or-trust-based passwordless logins, you can always just cut and paste your password and hit shift-insert a lot. I've done it myself a few times. Depending on your situation, going through all the long front-work might not be worth the effort.

If you are managing a really large number of servers, it could be a big pain, but you should suggest that whoever runs the show implement a solution like LDAP, so you can do your job more efficiently. I know there are folks on different sides of the "one stop shop" fence, too, with regards to login and password security...

Best wishes,


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