If i want to limit a user to view only one school right.

For example: This user with this username and password can only view WOODGROVE SEC attendance list only.
What should i do?


Your question can be interpreted in many different ways.
Is the underlying data stored in an SQL Database ?
Is this a WEB app, or a Windows Application ?

Using the asumption that you are using SQL, there are a variety of ways of limiting rows a user can see.
One option I have used before is to create a GUI that allows an administrator to determine which users or user groups can access some key data. In your case, the "WOODGROVE" key. The Key data, along with the User or User Role would be included in a seperate table.

Then you can either write a stored procedure or create a view that will inner join the attendance list with this key table based on their suser_name() or joined by the database role. The result would be a listing customized for a specific user or member of a database role. IOW, they will only see attenance lists they are been given permission to see.

Hope this helps
// Jerry