Ok, I have been given this problem to code a solution with python

Problem Definition
The N.S.W. Bird Watching Library sends a reminder notice to its borrowers when it is found that a borrower has failed to return a book
by the due date.
It is possible that a borrower may have borrowed more than one book. For every book borrowed, the following details are kept in the
order of the borrower’s identification number:
a) borrower’s identification number
b) borrower’s name
c) catalogue number
d) author
e) book description
f) due date
The reminder notice to be sent to each the borrower shall be printed in the following format:
CAT NO. Book Description Due Date Fine
xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 9999999 9999999
xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 9999999 9999999
TOTAL FINE 999999.9999
1. Read the file (containing information on the books borrowed) sequentially
2. For every borrower’s record, subtract the due date from today’s date to find out how long it has been borrowed,
Y = today’s date – due date
3. If Y is greater than 21, the book is overdue; and the fine imposed on the borrower is to be calculated according to the table
Y > 21 and Y <= 28 Y =>29 and Y <= 36 Y > 36
Fine = Y x 0.03 Y x 0.05 Y x 0.1
4. Accumulate total fines for each borrower.
5. For each borrower print the details of every book that is overdue and the fine imposed.
6. Print the total fines imposed on all the borrowers.

It's been a long time since I even thought about python and have no idea how to do this, can someone link me to some python tutorial that will explain what I need to know to get this done?

Give us some idea what the file looks like, and we go from there. In Python you can simply establish a structured record for each customer with a class. I think there are some examples in the Python code snippets. Take a see here:

If you really want to sink your teeth into it, you can use a database like sqlite3 that is built into Python25 and later.

Yeah all I need I think is like code tutorials on storing records and using a database with python, I'm familiar with IF statements and input-variables so thats all I really need to know