I am trying to make my home machine a webserver for a project I am working on. Here is my configuration

Windows XP Professional
Linksys Router

I set up my IIS server 5.1 to listen the default web browser on port 200. I have also tried 1000 8000 9000 2333 etc.... When I type the url from my computer or any computer inside my network everything works fine and page is served up. When I try to do it outside my network it does not work. PLEASE NOTE I AM USING MY IP that is assigned to me from Optimum Online when I try from the outside. I also use the WAN IP on the inside and it works as well. I have tried everything.

DOES CABLEVISION block all web traffic on any port from home servers?

Am I doing something incorrectly?

I even removed my linksys router from the equation and tried without it. Still nothing.

The error I receive is "Page cannot be displayed"

Is there a log somewhere that would tell me if the request is actually reaching IIS at all?

Any help would be appreciated.


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I'm going to lock this thread and move your other post to the Networking forum. Please don't double post. Thanks!
- Dani

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