Hi everyone, this is the second time i put a post here , i want to write a code for a game in assembly MSAM, the game is the a letter appear in the screen and the child or the player should press the letter which they see by the keyboard ..and for each letter there should be a timing before displaying the next letter untill he get at least 5-10 point then it appear a msg box saying good job , something like that..how can i do that please help thanks in advance,

OK, show us what you can do with the first step, namely showing a single letter on screen.

hi again , i dont know hw start thats why i asked :( please help

How did you start your previous program?

Create a couple of simple programs which do one aspect of the problem. I've already mentioned one, but another would be
- a timer which counts down

Whilst this isn't exactly a "hello world" task, it isn't that hard either. So if you've actually been doing the assignments up to this point, there should be no reason at all why you can't make a start yourself.

If you're looking for someone to give you code, then it won't be me - see the forum rules.

which pervious assignment , and i am not looking for anyone to give me the code . beside that i dont need ur help as well .