can i generate an exe file from my c# project
so it can run on a pc without .net framework ?
i tryed to use the exe file in the bin folder, it's not working even on my pc

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Did you try the .exe that is found under the bin/debug directory of your project? Oh and any pc you wish the exe to run on will need the .net framework I am afraid. One of the downsides of using .net.


i tryed the exe unser bin/debug directory
but from some reason it doesnot work
on any other folder on my pc


The target computer "MUST" have dot net installed , and the correct version of dot net to run a c# Windows form application.

If you are saying that it doesn't run in a seperate folder on your development machine, then you either 1) have a partial path hard-coded, or 2) you are missing one or more files required by the application.

// Jerry

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