this is an urgent project and i have no idea where to begin, if i could get help this time, and someone send me a tutorials on how to do this stuff and willing to teach me because my teacher fails to teach...i would be ever so grateful.

Fix this program to provide a interactive game for users.
It is incomplete. There are compile-time and intent/logic errors.
JavaDoc (documentation) on Java, the usual becker classes,
and the classes are available via the course website
for your reference. Good luck and have fun!
import becker.robots.*;

class RemoteControllableRobot extends Robot
    int previousCommand = 0;

    RemoteControllableRobot(City c, int st, int ave, Direction dir, int num)

    public void turnAround()

    public void turnRight()

    public void processCommand(int command)

        if(previousCommand == command) 
            endingComment = " AGAIN!"; // updating the local variable "endingComment"

        System.out.println("Your input was: " + command + endingComment);

        // do the correct action based on the value of command 
        if(1 = command) // quit
            System.out.println("Thanks for playing, bye!");
        else // user asked for an unrecognized command
            System.out.println("I don't know what the command "+command+" means!");

        // update previousCommand instance variable


public class Midterm extends Object
    public static void main(String[] args)
        // game setup
        City wallville = new City(10, 10);
      Wall wall1 = new Wall(wallville, 2, 1, Direction.NORTH);
      Wall wall2 =  new Wall(wallville, 2, 2, Direction.NORTH);
      Wall wall3 =  new Wall(wallville, 2, 1, Direction.WEST);
      Wall wall4 =  new Wall(wallville, 3, 1, Direction.WEST);
      Wall wall5 =  new Wall(wallville, 3, 1, Direction.SOUTH);
      Wall wall6 =  new Wall(wallville, 3, 2, Direction.SOUTH);
      Wall wall7 =  new Wall(wallville, 2, 2, Direction.EAST);
        Thing thing1 = new Thing(wallville, 7, 0);
        Thing thing2 = new Thing(wallville, 7, 6);
        Thing thing3 = new Thing(wallville, 1, 6);

        // instanciate remoteBot
        RemoteControllableRobot remoteBot = new RemoteControllableRobot(wallville, 7, 0, Direction.EAST, 0);

        // continuously get users' input until they decide to quit
        TextInput in = new TextInput();
        int userInput = 0;

        System.out.println("Put all the things in the enclosure.");
        System.out.println("Click the Start button to begin the game!");

        while(  )
            System.out.println("Please select from the following options:");
            System.out.println("1 - quit");
            System.out.println("2 - move");
            System.out.println("3 - turn left");
            System.out.println("4 - turn right");
            System.out.println("5 - turn around");
            System.out.println("6 - pick up a thing");
            System.out.println("7 - put down something");



Compile the program and fix those errors. Then go through and see if you can find any logic errors. Review any notes you have taken and take it one step at a time. If you have a specific question ask us. Also remember to use code tags in the future.

Not urgent. Come back in a few years and try again. Also gives you time to learn all about why you shouldn't SHOUT!!!!!.

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