can any one give me the name of the books for Borland Turbo Assembler ??????????????????????????????????????????
Or any link for book or online tutorial............
:-| :-| :-| plz plz

TASM has an ideal mode that's very close to MASM syntax. As such, any book that uses MASM or similar will work for TASM as well. That said, I don't know of any good books that use it, so I can't recommend any. Do a google search and you'll be able to make a list and then check them out.

Borland Torbo Assembler - Version 5 came with 3 books:

Borland Turbo Assembler:

1 - User's Guide

2 - Quick Reference

Borland Turbo Debugger

3 - User's Guide

plus - 3 diskettes

As has been pointed out, any masm text will work, however there are some variances from masm which are so designated in the Operators listings and the Directives listings of the Quick Reference

I have the complete set if I can be of any help...

Mastering Turbo Assembler - by Tom Swan. 900+pages plus 1 disk

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