Hi World!

I'd like to get out some data (voice) from WAV files in C#. I have to use the data as a double. I searched for the solution for hours, but I haven't found any useful stuff. :( Could anyone give me any idea how to do that?
Is there a free .NET package which I could use?


Of course a REAL programmer would find the .wav file spec and code the solution themselves:)

However, if you are not really that hard-core...I didn't look very hard, so I didn't find a C# version. However, there are numerous C++ versions of .wav file viewers with source code out there. Most likely they have the functionality you need somewhere in there. This gives you a couple of options:

1 - You can take one of those viewers and build a .dll that you can call from your C#.

2 - You can port the C++ code to C#.

Of course I'm hard core... but not in programming;)

Thanks for the hint, but I'm almost 100% sure that I will not have time to code it and actually would like to do it in the easiest way in C#.