I am creating a website where a user has to register to access the site features. Once the user registers, his registration has to be confirmed by the admin guy, who is maintaining the site. The thing is I wanted a way to send an email automatically, once a users registration has been confirmed by the admin, instead of manually sending an email to the user. The same way most forum sites send a confirmation email. Any help will be appreciated. Even any references on the web will of much help.

You should make whatever process that accepts the admin approval also send the email confirmation.

i want to develop a software, in which on a specified date, mail will be posted automatically to the user. suppose my friend's b'day date is 15th march. so every year on 15th march automaticaly a mail will be posted on his email address to give him b'day wishes....is it possible ?plz help me how can i make this project in java....