Hi, i was wondering is there anyone who could help me with my problem.
The is i dont know how to send a z39.50 request from the client to the server.
If anyone could help me with this. i would really appreicate it. Thanks

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thanks a million for your help, i will check out that website now!!! thanks again


try out the K-Int. JZKit ! http://sourceforge.net/projects/jzjkit I am use it about last 3 years. Very cool kit! :cool:

Do you have any documentation on how to setup Z39.50 server for this kit?

Do you have any documentation on how to setup Z39.50 server for this kit?


i have already downloaded jzkit2-2_0_0-src.tgz through http://developer.k-int.com/jzkit2/ . but until now, i don't know how to use it. what happen next after i successfully donwloaded it? can u tell me the steps to make it uselful for my enterprise portal.
can i have any documentation - how to setup and how to make in use the jzkit into my enterprise portal.


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Anyone can help me using JZKit or JZKit2 to develop a z3950 server?
I cannot find any documentation about this framework.

Thanks a lot!

@svincio: Did you happen to see the date of the previous post ? Way too back isn't it ? Perhaps start a new thread.

@Daniweb Community : This is what happens when a solved thread isn't mark solved, people keep posting there for ages.

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Yes, but my intention is also to contact "builder", "81bas" and other old poster in the hope of finding someone who has previous experience with z3950.

Those people have certainly had my same problem long ago, maybe they have solved it.

I have also tried to send them a private message (except "81bas").
Could you give me an help to contact them (especially "81bas").

Thank you

You might be able to contact them or you won't, but starting a new thread for this would certainly attract much more attention from all the other posters here than posting onto an old thread, since not many of them might be interested in a thread that was started even before they were members here.

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