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I hope people don't mind seeing references to other forums here.

I'm a regular at but lately I've been having problems with the site. Last week, I couldn't post anything for two days, but that seems to be resolved. Now, I can't even log in. I get a "406" error whenever I try (HTTP Error 406 - Not acceptable). Until yesterday, I hadn't ever seen that error, at least not that I remember, anyway. I know there are other python-forum regulars on this board too. Anyone else experiencing problems with that site, or am I just unlucky? Is it time to join 7stud and give up on the forum?

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You are not the only one, comes up sickly and unusable. Judging from past periods of administrative neglect, this may take a long time to fix.

Wonder where 7stud went to?

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Well, the last problem was fixed within a day after I sent an email (not a PM) to one of the admins. I'll have to do the same tonight when I get home. I think it would look better if I complain about the same problem in 2 different environments.

Now same problem :(

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