Hi All,
Currently Iam writing python ftp script to upload a file to FTP Server.
The server where iam going to download a file expects the upload command in this format
"put <filename> flash"

I dont know how to send this same command in ftp session after login.

I have tried sendcmd call in this way, but its not working

comand='put send.bin flash'

I need a suggestion from this group.


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put <filename> flash is an FTP client command that says "Take my local <filename> and copy it to the server as a file named flash".

So the correct call would be ftp.sendcmd('STOR flash') It would then be up to you to follow that up with data from the local file <filename>

Still iam in loop.
Can you please explain , how to send the local file name after passing the command
"ftp.sendcmd('STOR flash')"

thanks for your response

Yes I got the solution after few research.
Iam posting my solution for others .

import ftplib
import os

def upload(ftp, file):
ext = os.path.splitext(file)[1]
if ext in (".txt", ".htm", ".html"):
ftp.storlines("STOR flash " + file, open(file))
print ftp.storbinary("STOR flash" + file, open(file, "rb"), 1024)

ftp = ftplib.FTP("**.**.**.**")
print ftp.login("ftp", "flash")
upload(ftp, "filename")

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