I know I posted a previous post and a person stated I should read How to Design Programs. However, I was told the following link would be a better choice to start off with.


My question is: Is this a good resource for a beginner.

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Why not try using it for yourself and find out?

Depends what sort of beginner you mean.
- experienced programmer who wants to "begin" to program in assember - probably fine
- utter noob who only figured out how to turn on the machine a few days ago and wants to "begin" programming.

If the course is any good, it will tell you the assumptions up front. If you can say yes to all of them, then perhaps it's a good course for you.

Ah yes, I'm not a programmer, but I have a relatively good knowledge of computers and computing. I'm wondering if this is worthwhile for a beginning programmer.

If this is your first programming experience, I'd say start with Python.

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